About MACC Care

MACC Care Ltd was incorporated in April 2004 with the aim of providing quality nursing homes for the elderly, vulnerable adults, whose medical needs are stable enough to not need hospital intervention but are serious enough to need constant medication and nursing intervention on a day to day basis.

Over the ensuing 11 years the company has expanded from being the provider of 30 nursing beds to providing a total of 181 nursing beds. It now employs over 280 staff at its four homes and is currently building a 67 bedded home in Bushbury, Wolverhampton. The new home will increase our bed provision to 248 and staffing levels to over 350 employees.

The company has managed this success through times of severe financial crises as well as an economic climate which has seen many in our profession fail. We, however, are still as passionate now as we were when we started and truly believe that the vulnerable and elderly citizens within our society deserve the best. To this end we supply homes with rooms that have modern facilities within a comfortable, stress free environment allowing residents to maximise their quality of life even though their physical health and mobility may be decreasing.

Finally, we have been asked many times why all of our homes have the word ‘Rose’ in them. The answer is simple the rose has always been a symbol of love, caring and compassion which are the values we place at the forefront of all that we have done and are continuing to do. By adding this to the names of all our homes we are continually reminded of these values and this ensures that they remain at the core of all that the company stands for and seeks to provide.

MACC Care nursing care homes MACC Care nursing care homes MACC Care nursing care homes