Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week…..

We cannot remember a time when people’s Mental Health was at the forefront of national discussion as it is now. The pandemic has brought into sharp focus the need for good mental health for everyone, and how fragile our mental health can be be given unforeseen changes and pressures in...
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Remembering The Duke of Edinburgh

What a sad day it was for many of our relatives on Saturday when they watched the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh. Across our home many of our relatives were keen to pay their respects. At our Willow Rose home, The Mayor of Walsall sent us condolence cards for...
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Paying our Respects

It was with great sadness that all of us at Macc Care learnt of the death of His Royal Highness Prince Philip this week. All of our residents have lived through the same times as he did, and have seen his extraordinary contribution to the nation and the support he...
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Enjoying Easter

Everyone throughout our homes has been thoroughly enjoying preparing and celebrating the Easter holiday. There have been bunnies, egg hunts, bonnets, cakes….you name it we have done it – all things Easter related have been seen over the past few days. We hope you have enjoyed your Easter. Here are...
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Remembering the past year…

Like so many people today everyone at Macc Care will be commemorating the past year today. The UK is marking one year since the first coronavirus lockdown was announced. On 23 March 2020 measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 were put in place. Since then, the UK’s official death...
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