Enjoying the beauty of Autumn

The leaves are changing with an incredible display of vibrant colours in our homes’ gardens as we still get to enjoy the outdoors. This is having lots of benefits for the bodies and minds of all our residents. It also helps keep in touch with nature.We think there is something...
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Maintaining Safety during COVID…..

At Macc Care our staff teams are committed to doing everything possible to keep our residents safe and COVID free. Our domestic teams are going the extra mile doing regular deep cleans which includes steam cleaning and the use of our ozone disinfectant machine. Checking in is required via a...
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Keeping families in touch…..

Due to the COVID-19 lockdown it has been very hard for our residents and families to see each other. To make sure that families can see their loved ones we have built special visiting rooms in all our Macc Care homes. The rooms will be fitted with an intercom in...
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Amazing Activities teams

We wanted to pay tribute to our amazing activities teams throughout our homes, who have been organising all sorts of events and activities throughout the pandemic under difficult circumstances. A great example of what can be achieved has been shown by our ream at Wulfrun Rose who organised a Round...
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The Benefits of Doll Therapy for people living with Dementia

Research has shown that some people living with dementia can derive enjoyment from holding or being with a doll or soft toy. It can remind them of a previous time when they had young children or a pet and can help to create feelings of reminiscence or affection. The doll...
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