5 Tips On How You Can Feel Younger No Matter Your Age

An inevitable fact of life is that we will all grow older. We will age, our skin will wrinkle and our hair will turn grey. While there isn’t anything we can do to stop the aging process, there are some ways that we can age gracefully, even feeling younger as...
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Why Exercise Is Great For The Elderly

Exercise and an active lifestyle is the key to staying energetic and healthy, regardless of your age. Unfortunately, as we get older, it’s more likely for us to enter into a more sedentary lifestyle. However, this type of lifestyle usually results in certain health issues including heart disease, obesity and...
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It’s The Little Things That Matter

Have you ever noticed that when you are feeling down or lonely, something as simple as a phone call from a friend or spending some time talking with your neighbour can have a dramatically positive effect on your mood? For many of us, that friend, family member or neighbour is...
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Is A Care Home Right For You?

If you are considering a care home for yourself or an elderly loved one, there are many important factors to think about. From location and quality of service, to pricing and the care offered, you want to find just the right fit and the most comfortable home where you will...
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How To Stay Safe During The Winter Months

Keeping warm and safe during the winter months can be especially difficult for the elderly. With outside temperatures dropping well below freezing and roads becoming more and more hazardous as the snow falls, we need to do our best to take care of ourselves and avoid becoming ill or injured....
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