Celebrating VJ Day..

75 years ago, the brave men and women from many nations stood together in the Far East to bring an end to the Second World War. They fought for freedom, won the war and secured the peace. Today, as every day, we will remember them....
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‘Wings of Love’ Rose project…

Helping families through the loss of a loved one is an important part of the end of life care that we give in our homes and can make a significant difference to relatives at a difficult time for them. Our Wings of Love project, initiated by our Wulfrun Rose home,...
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Creating relationships..

The secret to delivering great care is to create great relationships. Across our homes we train our staff in the importance of the relationship and trust between care staff and residents. Here are some pictures from our Meadow Rose home to illustrate this action. First Sophie and Carol painting nails...
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The Importance Of Friends And Family Over The Holidays

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas or any other type of holiday this season, chances are, it can be made better by having your friends and loved ones over. In fact, the holiday season is when friends and family visit the most, often travelling long distances to share in the...
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Macc Care & Social Mobility Framework

Macc Care is in collaboration with the social mobility frame work, a charity supporting high flyers with restricted economic and social backgrounds into higher education. “ The staff were friendly and very welcoming and gave me a good insight into some of the challenges faced everyday not just by doctors...
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