Winter Wellness: Keeping yourself warm

Welcome to our new, Winter Wellness article series – dedicated to offering our best advice for older people, on staying well over the winter. Please note that these articles are for guidance purposes only, and we’d always recommend frequent visits to your nearest health advisor, who will be able to...
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What are Sensory Gardens, and why are they so important to older people?

It’s no coincidence that many of Macc Care’s homes are fortunate enough to have Sensory Gardens within their grounds. Gardens are enjoyed unanimously regardless of age, gender or background. But what are Sensory Gardens, and what sets them apart from the every-day garden setting? Sensory Gardens are designed to cater...
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What is the NHS-funded Registered Nursing Care Contribution (Funded Nursing Care)?

This is the next in our Care Home Fees article series. Over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing information explaining the sometimes complicated matter of care home fees. This week we’re talking about Registered Nursing Care Contributions, and how these are in place to help those in need of...
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What is a top-up?

This is the next in our ‘Care Home Fees’ article series, where we will be helping you to understand the (sometimes complicated) matter of care home fees. This week we are addressing ‘top-up payments’, what these mean and why they can be useful. A top-up is a payment made by...
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How do residents pay for their stay?

Welcome to the Macc Care ‘Care Home Fees’ series, where we will be producing articles, offering a series of advice on funding your care. We’ll be publishing new articles on this topic over the coming weeks, so please follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages to see our posts...
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