5 Creative Ways to be More Environmentally Conscious

environmentally conscious: graphic of people watering plants at home

July is plastic free month, and at Macc Care, we’re making every effort to reduce our daily plastic waste. 

Read on to discover how you can be more environmentally conscious this month with a fun and creative twist.

Be Environmentally Conscious by Upcycling Old Furniture

Upcycling is a great way to unleash your creativity and give a new lease of life to your old furniture instead of throwing it away. For an upcycling project, all you need is art materials, your chosen furniture, a chunk of time and your imagination!

Upcycling can be a brilliant bonding experience when done with friends and family, and your environmentally conscious actions could even make a profit if someone is interested in purchasing your finished project. 

Environmentally conscious: person painting an old wooden box

Start Up Your Own Indoor Herb Garden

With so many of our supermarket purchases coming swathed in plastic packaging, now is a great time to start putting together your own curated herb garden and making it your own with some creative flair!

Put aside some space in your garden or on a windowsill in your kitchen to plant and grow your own flavourful herbs! This environmentally conscious idea reduces household waste while helping you work on your green thumb.

Environmentally conscious: Person repotting house plants at home

Build up a Beautiful Blooming Bee Paradise

For a creative, colourful and environmentally conscious project, why not consider constructing a bee garden? Using a wide range of different flowers, you can design an aesthetic paradise for these helpful little creatures.

Bees are incredibly crucial to the balance of nature, pollinating flowers and helping plants to grow, contributing to our food sources and oxygen levels. By building a bee garden, you’re doing your bit by providing these creatures with an abundance of new plants and flowers to pollinate. 

Transform Your Waste Packaging into Art

A brilliant environmentally conscious idea for those with children or grandchildren, creating art with waste packaging is a creative bonding activity that could create interesting outcomes and precious memories.

From plastic bag weave pieces to suncatchers and stained glass windows made from plastic bottles and wrappers, there are endless options for what you can make and do with waste packaging instead of throwing items away. 

Homemade rainbow made out of cardboard and coloured paper

Be Environmentally Conscious by Building a Bug Hotel

Protecting our local wildlife is a great way to demonstrate being environmentally conscious. These little creatures have very important jobs when it comes to maintaining the local environment.

To encourage creatures and learn more about them, why not build a small bug hotel? All you need is recycled cardboard materials and some soil to construct a wonderful home for these little garden friends. 

At Macc Care, we’re encouraging all of our care homes to adopt environmentally conscious practices and providing the means for our residents to embark on creative projects with their friends and family. If you’re interested in seeing what our range of care homes can offer for your loved one, take a look at our website.
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