Announcing the Opening of Blythe Rose | Specialist Dementia Care

Dementia Care - Blythe Rose Exterior

At Macc Care, we’re happy to announce the opening of our new, state-of-the-art, 80-bed Solihull home that offers not only residential care, but specialist dementia care too.

Dementia Care - Blythe Rose Exterior

Named after Solihull’s Blythe Valley Park, our Blythe Rose home consists of 12-15 bedrooms and several relaxing lounge areas contained within six individual lodges.

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Specialist Dementia Care: The Goal of Blythe Rose

Focusing on residential and dementia care, our Blythe Rose lodges have been implemented to encourage a sense of community between residents, and provide them with a comfortable and homely environment to interact with fellow residents, staff and visitors.

Blythe Rose combines home comforts with cutting edge care technology to help the residents maintain a high standard of living where they feel safe, loved and cared for. At Blythe Rose, we have created a feeling of familiarity by offering facilities such as a communal cinema, luxury salon and corner shop as well as blooming gardens, terraces and common rooms inspired by the past to help our residents reminisce. 

Dementia Care - Blythe Rose Interior

As with all Macc Care homes, the happiness of our residents is a top priority. At Blythe Rose, we focus on dementia care by supporting our residents to engage in household activities such as laundry, cooking and cleaning to help them form a successful routine. In addition to this, Blythe Rose will offer plenty of recreational activities and fun events for the residents and their families to enjoy.

Blythe Rose: Preparing to Deliver Exceptional Dementia Care

Speaking of our new care home, our director of operations, Sharen Guise, said: “We are delighted with the progress at Blythe Rose and are ready to officially welcome residents through its doors. 

“We are confident this new home will offer an outstanding environment for both staff and residents and a place where we can provide safe and compassionate care. Specialist dementia care will be a key feature of this new project, with an overall ambition of becoming a recognised centre for excellence for dementia care —  this is certainly achievable with our amazing team at Macc Care.

Dementia Care - Staff Enjoying Outdoors at Blythe Rose

“We believe we’ve created an environment that aims to provide local people with the benchmark for how care should be delivered. Above all, we’ve created a warm, compassionate, safe and friendly environment for everyone living with us and for those that are important to the residents. Now the finishing touches have been made, we are very excited to welcome people into this exciting new community.”

Blythe Rose is the eleventh care home in the Macc Care Group, promoting our values of love, care and compassion regarding residential and specialist dementia care. If you’re interested in Blythe Rose, please take a look at the website for more information and to book a tour of the home.

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