Appreciation at Work

At Macc Care, we pride ourselves in the services and care given to all our residents and their families.

We are not just a Care Home that gives care but we are a home within a home, where we extend our care and love to the extended family of our residents as well.  Our staff make the residents’ families feel welcomed and are always on hand to help in any way that they can. The residents’ families are seen as part of the extended family, where relationships are built over a period of time and kept forever even when one of our beloved residents pass away.

“For each member of your wonderful team who offered us a hand to hold or gave us that touch on the arms when we were upset”.

This excerpt is one of the Thank You examples received to all the staff in one of our Care Home, which shows the love given and appreciated by one of our extended family who recently lost their loved one.

This post is dedicated to all our teams across our  Care Homes. Your efforts, dedication and loyalty is appreciated very much. Keep up the great work and may we prosper and grow together to a great future ahead of us.

Abbey Rose 0121 377 6707
Austin Rose 0121 475 7871
Church Rose 0121 554 6413
Meadow Rose 0121 476 9808
Priestley Rose 0121 373 0134
Wulfrun Rose 01902 653284