Winter Wellness – Financial aid with your energy bills.

Welcome to our Winter Wellness article series – dedicated to offering our best advice for older people, on staying well during the colder months. Please note that these articles are for guidance purposes only, and we’d always recommend frequent visits to your nearest health advisor, who will be able to give you personalised advice.

This week’s article is focusing on the financial aid you may be entitled to, which can assist in paying for your energy bills. Staying warm in the Winter is essential to helping stave-off bugs – it’s for this reason that there is considerable funding available to help towards paying energy costs.

Those who have low income, receive certain means-tested benefits, or live in a costly or energy inefficient home could be eligible for support.

An excellent place to go for advice is the Energy Saving Trust, who offer impartial information which can help you to lower your emissions and cut your energy bills. Find out more on their website, here:

If you’re born before 6 August 1953, you may be entitled to the Winter Fuel Payment, which helps towards heating costs in 2017-2018. This is a tax-free payment of £100 – £300.

When temperatures reach 0oC or below for seven days in a row, you should automatically receive a Cold Weather Payment is you already receive Pension Credit or certain other benefits. Equally those with Pension Credit or a low income, may be entitled to a Warm Home Discount on their electricity bill; a one-off payment usually made in October and March.

Certain grants may also be available to help with energy bills. Make sure you check with your energy provider and shop around for better deals, as another provider may supply the same services for cheaper.

If you are worried at all then please remember that energy companies should not disconnect all-pensioner homes during the Winter months, so if in doubt get in touch with them.

We hope that you found this article helpful.

In our next article, we will discuss taking care of your health during the Winter. To be updated when this has been published, please follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts.




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