Fitness and Mental Health: 5 Ways to Boost Your Mood With Exercise

Fitness and mental health: Woman and girl doing squats together at home

How do you keep your fitness and mental health in check?

With many of us juggling a multitude of responsibilities on a daily basis, it can be easy to forget to take time for self-care.

Keep reading to discover some simple ways that you can boost your mood with exercise:

Fitness and Mental Health: Engage in Group Activities

If you’re a little unsure of how you can boost your fitness and mental health, think about turning it into a social occasion.

Consider a group activity that you might enjoy; there are so many options available when it comes to exercising with others.

Whether you opt for a dance class, water aerobics or a running club, exercising with like-minded individuals provides an invaluable opportunity to make new friends.

Fitness and mental health: woman meditating

Pursue an Activity You Enjoy

If you’re looking for an activity that will help boost your mood, think about pursuing a hobby that you enjoy.

Exercise should be fun – so if you know of a physical activity that brings you joy, think about incorporating it into your life more regularly.

If you love swimming, for example, consider whether it’s worth starting a membership at your local leisure centre.

Fitness and Mental Health: Try Your Hand at Yoga

Yoga and meditation are widely appreciated for their ability to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.

If you’ve never tried yoga, don’t be intimidated by its name; it can be adapted to suit any ability, ranging from a simple arm stretch and mindful breathing to more advanced stretches, such as Downward Dog.

When practised as a sequence, yoga poses can help to create a flow-like state between the mind and body – much like an ocean wave. Combined with gentle breathing, this can help to put the body in a state of deep relaxation, whilst simultaneously boosting oxygen flow around the body and toning muscles.

Woman practising yoga at home, arm stretched out over head

To get started, consider scouting your local area for yoga classes; it’s a good idea to learn with a trained instructor at first, so you can be sure you’re practising the movements correctly.

Take the Opportunity to Spend Time in Nature

Nature has an incredible ability to reduce stress by encouraging mindfulness.

If you’re looking to boost your mood with exercise, try an activity that allows you to spend time outdoors. Whether it’s a brisk nature walk or a jog around your neighbourhood, you’ll have the chance to listen to birdsong and watch the world go by as you go.

Change Your Perception of Exercise

Exercise doesn’t always have to consist of a heavy workout. If the idea of exercising more regularly is a little daunting to you, change your perception as a first port of call.

Every day, aim to incorporate movement into your daily routine. At the very beginning, this can consist simply of spending less time sitting on your couch. For example, if you typically spend two hours each evening sitting down, try to dedicate 20 minutes of that to walking around the block – and from there, you can increase your movement a little each day.

Two young women jogging together outside

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