How do I know when a Care Home is the right decision?

After nearly a decade and a half of working with families and residents, we know better than anyone that the move into a care home often isn’t an easy one. Of course, a change of residence can feel unnatural, especially if you’ve been living in your current residence for some time. This is where our experience comes in handy. From having listened to residents in our homes alongside their families and friends for years now, we understand where the issues lie. Am I going to be safe and comfortable in this care home? Am I going to be happy? Am I going to feel at home? Will I retain my independence? These are all valid questions and unsurprisingly doubts here can put many off making the move into a care home environment.

At Macc Care we have an absolute policy of ensuring that prospective residents are kept in the know during the entire process. From your first enquiry through to the day you move in, your choices will be listened to and respected.

All of our homes are either purpose-built, or have been re-developed in order to meet our residents’ needs. Equipment and furnishings can of course, be added in accordance with your requirements and tastes. All of our staff are employed on the basis of both their long-standing experience in the care industry, as well as for kindness of character. Our culture is that every one of our team go above and beyond for our residents; we become friends as well as carers, and aim to support you in any way you require.

Maintaining the independence of our residents is something Macc Care place huge emphasis on. We will do everything in our power to support your existing hobbies and ways of life, and even helping you to venture out into new and exciting activities. Many of our residents not only find themselves able to manage everyday life much better, but also find themselves re-occupying hobbies they once gave up on.

Everyone moving into a care home should remember that this move does not have to be set in stone. Should you arrive at the home and find that you wish to return to your previous residence, you are fully entitled to do so. Macc Care offer a ‘taster day’ within all of our homes, where you can come to meet the staff, other residents, taste the menu and experience life in the home for a day. These visits aim to address your questions as well as soothe any concerns you might have.  

Please feel free to peruse our reviews on for testimonials and feedback from current residents and their friends and families.

Where do I start?

We’d recommend that all prospective residents and their families get in touch with their local NHS trust, if they have not already done so. Your NHS trust will assess your needs and put you in contact with the local authority. You’re likely to then take part in two assessments, one is an assessment of your care requirement, and the next is a financial means test, which assesses your entitlement to financial aid in regards to paying your care home fees.

The local council will also allocate you a care co-ordinator, who will give you an array of options in regards to care homes which currently have bed available, and arrange for your care entitlement to be paid here. More on Means Assessments, and Paying Care Home Fees here.

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