How do residents pay for their stay?

Welcome to the Macc Care ‘Care Home Fees’ series, where we will be producing articles, offering a series of advice on funding your care. We’ll be publishing new articles on this topic over the coming weeks, so please follow us on our Twitter and Facebook pages to see our posts as they are published.

This week we will be addressing how residents pay for their care in general, and how much financial aid you could be entitled to.

In general, residents either pay fees privately or the Social Care & Health Department and the appropriate Clinical Commissioning Group fund them, or part-fund them. The amount of financial aid you are entitled to will depend upon the financial value of your assets.

If a person has assets of more than £23,250 (from April 2013), it is normal for them to pay for their own care until assets reduce to this amount. There is a further sliding scale between £23,250 and £14,250 worth of assets, after which care is provided free of charge. If the main home is still occupied by a spouse or partner who is over 60 years of age, then the asset value of it will not be taken into account in the assessment of total worth.

In order to make the first step into gaining financial aid – please visit your local NHS branch, who will help to ascertain the level of care you require Once this has been determined, they will be able to pass you on to your local council. The council will then assess your assets, through a means test. You are likely to be assigned a care-package co-ordinator who will complete all of the necessary arrangements and paperwork for you.

For more information on paying care home fees, and your entitlement to financial aid, please contact your care package co-ordinator, or contact Macc Care directly, *here*.

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