How To Stay Fit And Healthy Indoors

Regardless of your age, it is important to stay physically and mentally fit. It’s especially true for older adults who are more vulnerable to age-related illnesses. As people get older, they tend to be affected by a slower metabolism, sedentary lifestyle, medication side effects and increased caloric intake. Here are things that elderly should do to stay fit and healthy at home:

5 Ways To Stay Fit And Healthy Indoors

Do Yoga- beginner-level yoga is ideal for anyone who wants to remain healthy. If it’s not possible to attend a yoga class, there are many videos on YouTube that provide instructions on easy yoga postures. Regular yoga exercises could enhance pulmonary health, boost moods, improve sleep quality, strengthen cardiovascular system and contribute to an overall better fitness.

Find A Fitness Buddy- exercising can be a lonely activity if there’s no one to talk to. Getting fit and physically active are better if there’s a fitness buddy. The elderly can ask a spouse, adult children or grandchildren to be their fitness buddies at home. If family members are enthusiastic about being fit as well, finding a fitness buddy should be easy.

Eat Healthily- staying fit and healthy isn’t only about being active, but also about eating a healthy diet. Diets rich in lean meats, vegetables and fruits can help boost your immune system. With a stronger immune system, you have better protection against bacteria and viruses. The elderly need enough intake of antioxidants to prevent the accelerated aging process and stay healthy longer. Excessive intake of fatty foods and sugar will lower immune system and trigger inflammation.

Wash Hands Often- even if the elderly stay at home all the time, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be exposed to harmful microorganism. It is particularly important if other family members regularly go outside. Viruses can remain on inanimate objects for several days. Whenever possible, avoid touching mouth, face and nose with hands.

Get Enough Rest- other than doing physical exercises and eating a proper diet, the elderly should get quality rest. Sleep is essential to allow your body to maintain a strong immune system and repair any damage. As people get older, sleep is more crucial to maintain.

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