How To Stay Healthy This Winter

During the winter, it can be challenging for the elderly to stay healthy. With viruses everywhere and the cold weather chilling you to your bones, catching a cold or the flu is easier than ever. To avoid this, and to stay healthy all season long, you need to keep your body well prepared, especially if you still need to go to work and do other activities outside.

     We are going to take a look at some easy, yet effective things that you can do to help keep your elderly loved ones healthy this winter.

How To Stay Healthy This Winter 

Take Vitamin D Supplements Regularly- Vitamin D is normally produced inside your body with daily exposure to sunlight. This won’t be possible during winter when the day is short and it is often very cloudy or snowy. Adults should get 600IU of vitamin D each day. Vitamin D isn’t only necessary for healthy bones, but it can also boost your immune responses against germs.

Rest Properly- lack of rest can negatively affect your immune system, making you more susceptible to illnesses. If possible, you should get seven hours of sleep each night. Make it a habit to prepare to sleep at 9PM and make sure that you keep yourself warm for better sleep quality.

Get Enough Zinc- you will stay healthier during winter by increasing your intake of zinc. Good sources of zinc are lamb, grass-feed beef, chicken breast, sesame, oats, brown rice, quinoa, almonds, legumes and seeds. Zinc helps to keep your immune system active and ease cold symptoms.

Check That Your Home Is Still Properly Winterised- high temperatures during summer, strong winds and exposure to sunlight could slowly degrade your home’s insulation. Check weather stripping and window insulation. Poor insulation could cause numerous cold spots in your home. Prolonged exposure to cold temperatures can affect your immune system. Sometimes, it can be difficult to maintain a home and a care home is a better option for your elderly loved ones.

Stay Active- if it’s snowy and very cold outside, you can keep active doing physical exercise at home. If you don’t have a treadmill, you could walk briskly up and down the stairs for ten minutes for each session. Repeat this four times with five minutes of rest between sessions. With good exercise, you can keep your body weight down, reduce stress and boost your immune system.

Get A Flu Shot- make sure that all family members get a flu shot. You can easily contract flu in the workplace, at school and in public spaces. Flu shots are especially important for small children, the elderly and people with weaker immune system.

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