10 Summer Safety Tips For The Elderly

Generally speaking, when we think of dangers related to elderly people and the weather, we most often associate that with winter and cold snaps. And while winter absolutely poses a threat in terms of cold related illness, the potential issues surrounding summer heat and the elderly should not be ignored. However, it’s...
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MACC CARE – Meadow Rose Care Home Involved with the local Theatre Company

Meadow Rose Care Home have been working with the local theatre company Women and Theatre on their new performance ‘Women of Longbridge’. Our residents/staff and visitors have contributed stories and memories of Longbridge and working at the Austin Rover factory. Women and Theatre is a female-led company with a values-driven...
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Just one hour a week of social interaction helps dementia patients

Chatting to care-home residents about their interests boosts their quality of life, according to trial. Just one hour a week of social interaction can improve the quality of life for dementia patients in care homes, a study suggests. A trial involving more than 800 people with dementia across 69 English...
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Macc Care in Association with Social Mobility Foundation

The Social Mobility Foundation (SMF) is a charity which aims to make a practical improvement in social mobility for young people from low-income backgrounds. The SMF was founded in 2005 by Linkson Jack  in order to provide opportunities and networks of support for 16-17 year old who are unable to...
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Church Rose Awarded All-Green CQC Rating

We are extremely delighted to announce that Church Rose has been awarded an all-green rating from the CQC, following its latest inspection of the home. Church Rose joins Wulfrun Rose, Meadow Rose, Priestley Rose and Abbey Rose, which also have overall ‘Green’ CQC ratings. The inspection which was carried out...
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