What are Sensory Gardens, and why are they so important to older people?

It’s no coincidence that many of Macc Care’s homes are fortunate enough to have Sensory Gardens within their grounds.

Gardens are enjoyed unanimously regardless of age, gender or background. But what are Sensory Gardens, and what sets them apart from the every-day garden setting?

Sensory Gardens are designed to cater to the human senses of sight, hearing, smell, touch, and sometimes even taste. Bright aesthetically pleasing flower and plant arrangements, meet exquisite fragrances – which are common features within any garden. A Sensory Garden, however, aims to maximise the impact these have on one’s senses, not only appealing to the sight and smell, but also to touch, sound and taste.

Plants with a distinctive texture are used to appeal to the sense of touch, alongside shrubbery with large, reed-like features or seed pods which are used to enhance the noise produced by the garden. Several of our Macc Care gardens are also graced with fountains, which enhance the ambience of the garden setting, producing relaxing and reminiscent sounds. In the case of our Macc Care gardens, we additionally have flowerbeds planted at strategic heights, making them easily accessible by wheelchair users, meaning that gardens can be enjoyed by all residents.


But why are these important within a care home setting?

Unfortunately, as we age some of our senses can become impeded or lost. In these instances, a Sensory Garden which is stimulating to a wider range of senses, can create a much more immersive experience. This is hugely rewarding for those who have experienced debilitation of their senses, as it can stimulate old memories and help them to re-experience this every-day enjoyment, which so many of us take for granted.

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