The Importance Of Exercise For The Elderly

Physical exercise is crucial to maintain well-being and good health. Elderly people are at higher risks of health issues and falls. It is estimated that more than a third of elderly individuals in the UK have problems performing daily living tasks or basic activities. Exercise can improve their quality of life because it strengthens bone, muscles, and joints. It also increases balance and reduces the risks of falls and unwanted accidents.

Here are reasons why exercise is important for elderly:

Lower Rate Of Overall Mortality- exercise has noticeable effects on the reduction of deaths. A study showed up to a 90% reduction in overall mortality if an individual regularly exercises at a level higher than 4 METs (Metabolic Equivalents). Elderly people should exercise regularly to prevent premature death.

Arthritis- arthritis is a common health issue among the elderly and exercise helps in managing this condition. When elderly people exercise regularly, their joints are lubricated, reducing stiffness and pain. A risk factor of arthritis is obesity and physical activity allows elderly people to manage their weight better.

Heart Disease- cardiovascular problems are quite common among older individuals and it’s a major cause of death in many countries. In the UK, about a quarter of deaths are attributed to heart issues. Regular exercise may reduce LDL cholesterol, blood sugar level and blood pressure.

Metabolic Dysfunction- problems with metabolism may cause type 2 diabetes or obesity. An effective way to increase your metabolism is by adding muscle mass in your body. Elderly people may perform adjusted resistance training to strengthen their muscles and maintain a healthy metabolism.

Hypertension- regular exercise can noticeably lower systolic blood pressure among elderly people who perform physical activity at a moderate intensity. To get optimum benefits, elderly people should perform three 10-minute exercise sessions throughout the day.

Depression- physical exercise can help to improve your mood. Studies showed that older adults could have up to 30% reduction in depression symptoms. A better mood could help you to achieve better vitality and quality of life.

Dementia- dementia is a mentally crippling condition and there are many different ways to reduce the risk. Moderate-intensity physical exercise could reduce the risk of dementia by up to 66%. Combined with daily brain exercises, physical activities should be effective to prevent dementia.

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