The Meadow Rose Oscars; Recognising the hard work of those in the Meadow Rose family.

The care sector is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding lines of work, however it can be both physically and mentally difficult at times.

In order to recognise the huge dedication of Meadow Rose’s team; the home held it’s very own ‘Oscars’ awards show over this weekend, which was organised by Friends of Meadow Rose and the team at the home.

Rolling out the red carpet throughout the home, the Meadow Rose family were invited to join in an event which gave credit to the stars within the home.

These inclusive awards covered achievements across the broad range of people who make Meadow Rose such a success. This included volunteers, visiting doctors and our fantastic housekeeper.

They were also honoured to have some of the awards presented by Councillor Griffiths and Councillor Andy Cartwright.

This evening, sought to give credit to those who go above and beyond in their line of work every day, in the name of keeping those in their care safe and happy.

Thank you to everyone who came along and supported the event, in addition to all of the team for their ongoing hard work and dedication.  Events such as these give credit to Meadow Rose’s immense community spirit and boosts our team’s sense of their surrounding support.

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