Turning 100 is THE biggest milestone birthday

Happy 100th birthday! This is when you say to the world, “I’ve done my part,” and the fun begins. You deserve only the best.

Austin Rose Care Home Manager, staff, family and friends celebrates Eileen’s 100th Birthday.

Eileen was born and raised in Sparkhill at the end of the First World War in 1918. She had a sister 18 months older than her and her name was Gladys. After leaving school Eileen worked as a shop assistant until she went to work in factories helping the war effort. She married Frank during the Second World War and had four children Ron, Ann, Sue and Carol who in turn produced thirteen Grandchildren and then Thirteen Great Grandchildren.

Eileen moved to Rubery in 1955 and stayed there until 1975 when she then moved to Kings Norton.  Unfortunately last June she was admitted into the QE and because of her extensive care needs moved into Austin Rose Care Home in October and is now living happily with her friends and has just celebrated her 100th Birthday on 15th July surrounded by her family and friends and care staff. Everyone had a super day.

For your 100th, on behalf of all Macc Care Team we wish Eileen the happiest, healthiest, sweetest, luckiest, tastiest, brightest, sunniest and best of birthdays. You are truly blessed — you have lived 100 years and have 10 decades of great memories. Happy 100th birthday!

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