Welcoming Lee White

Lee has long been associated with Macc Care, as for the last ten years he has been involved in assisting with the design of the care homes for Macc Care. Lee was raised in a family of service providers – his grandfather was in the police force, his parents in the medical profession, with his grandmother, mother and now sister all becoming nurses in their turn. His Mum worked in care home management for the elderly so he spent much of his childhood evenings and weekends in the homes in which she worked, playing with the residents, helping the maintenance man and the chef!!

One day, after a visit to a care home with a friend to visit their grandfather he was saddened to see the environment he lived in. It was tired, old and uncared for. His care staff were great but his environment less so. This became the seed for his future career. Lee is fascinated by how someone’s environment makes such a difference to their life and experiences – particularly for someone who suffers from dementia. He has focused his design career on helping people to realize how the impact of good design can have such a positive impact on wellbeing. His designs for Macc Care have achieved wide recognition and in 2020 Dora Rose Care Home was a finalist in the Pinders Healthcare Awards for the nominated category of ‘Best new care home’. Following this he was offered the opportunity to come onboard full time at Macc Care. He is now the group’s Design Coordinator, responsible for the internal design and layouts for the new build care home projects. He also has a role within the existing care home portfolio to refurbish and refresh these homes and ensure they are safe and desirable environments that people want to live in.

He is really looking forward to the next chapter of his career working for Macc Care and is committed to creating wonderful and exciting new environments for the elderly. Below is a photo of Lee and two examples of his work.

Abbey Rose 0121 377 6707
Austin Rose 0121 475 7871
Church Rose 0121 554 6413
Meadow Rose 0121 476 9808
Priestley Rose 0121 373 0134
Wulfrun Rose 01902 653284