What is a top-up?

This is the next in our ‘Care Home Fees’ article series, where we will be helping you to understand the (sometimes complicated) matter of care home fees.

This week we are addressing ‘top-up payments’, what these mean and why they can be useful.

A top-up is a payment made by a third party i.e. a relative or a power of attorney. It is an arrangement which can be made in order to supplement the funding paid by your local Social Care & Health Department.

Top-up payments enable residents to stay in a home where fees are greater than the standard amount agreed by your Social Care & Health Department, as it makes up the difference between the funding offered and the cost of the care home stay. Top-ups are becoming increasingly common and can range from around £15 to £150 per week.

This system is a great way of combining self-payment and social assistance, to ensure that you’re able to afford the accommodation you really want.

Many of our Macc Care residents use this arrangement as a means of helping to pay for their stay with us.

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