What is the NHS-funded Registered Nursing Care Contribution (Funded Nursing Care)?

This is the next in our Care Home Fees article series. Over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing information explaining the sometimes complicated matter of care home fees. This week we’re talking about Registered Nursing Care Contributions, and how these are in place to help those in need of Nursing Care in a Nursing home.

Registered Nursing Care Contributions or Funded Nursing Care covers the costs of nursing care within a nursing home, and is paid by the appropriate Clinical Commissioning Group. These payments aren’t paid to residents in residential homes, but are paid to the home directly by the Clinical Commissioning Group.

From April 2017 the standard weekly rate was set at £155.05 per patient. A regular assessment is carried out by a local nurse assessor to ascertain which level is payable and for which resident.

In short what this means is that if you’re in need of Nursing Care within a Nursing Home, you personally won’t have to pay for the cost of it – this is covered by your local council.

A medical professional will ascertain the level of care you require, and will make the arrangements for the funding required to be payed to your chosen home directly.

This means that the worry of paying for your medical-related care needs is taken from your shoulders, and you won’t be left to pay any large medical bills.

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