Winter Wellness: Keeping yourself warm

Welcome to our new, Winter Wellness article series – dedicated to offering our best advice for older people, on staying well over the winter. Please note that these articles are for guidance purposes only, and we’d always recommend frequent visits to your nearest health advisor, who will be able to give you personalised advice.

This week’s article is focusing on the hugely important topic of keeping warm. The cold weather can make us more susceptible to bugs, especially in later-life; but keeping up with these tips can make it much easier to stave-off illness.

There are many ways of staying warm, both in and outside your home;

In your home:

When at home, keeping extra clothing layers on, and wrapping a blanket around your shoulders and legs will help you to stay warm whilst you’re seated. Keeping warm socks on and your legs elevated off the floor is an excellent way to reduce the cold, as air is cooler nearer the ground.

A hot water bottle is an invention not to be over-looked, as it’s easy to carry around with you and versatile enough to be used in most positions. Make sure your hot water bottle is well-wrapped however, as burns from hot water bottles happen more often than you’d think.

Investing in an electric blanket or similar bed-warming device can be a good option, however, please make sure you follow the safety instructions carefully. It’s also worth consulting your doctor about using this if you suffer from incontinence of any kind.


If you’re planning to venture outside, we’d highly recommend thermal underwear, which combined with warm clothes, a coat, hat and scarf will go a long-way to keeping warmth in. Gloves or even a face-warmer shouldn’t be overlooked either, as this will warm the air you breathe and help to stop colds or chest-infections. Hats are particularly important, as you lose a considerable proportion of body heat through your head.

Wool, or fleecy, synthetic fibres such as polyester are an excellent choice. Wearing lots of thinner layers of these will keep you warmer than a single bulkier layer will.

To keep your feet warm; make sure they are already warm when putting your shoes on, otherwise you may struggle to gain heat. Wearing thermal or fleece-like socks will also help to keep warmth in.

In short – make sure you wrap-up, and don’t forget to plan-ahead when venturing outside.

We hope you found this article helpful. Next week we will be discussing more on staying warm; this time giving tips on how to maintain the warmth of your home.

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