Wulfrun Rose being part of the NCS Challenge 2018

The Challenge 2018

Wulfrun Rose this year, has been involved with The Challenge NCS programme in Wolverhampton. This programme allows our young people to meet the staff and the work they do in the Care Home.

NCS is a government-backed programme in Wolverhampton and nationwide that helps young people build skills and life, enables them to mix with people from different backgrounds, and to contribute to their local community.

NCS main focus as an organisation is social integration to facilitate situations in which young people can mix with those different to themselves, and learn about how they can be socially active and make positive contributions to their local communities.

The residents at Wulfrun Rose had a great time with the young people that came to visit them by playing games and talking to them and reminiscing about when they were younger and the things they got up to.


Abbey Rose 0121 377 6707
Austin Rose 0121 475 7871
Church Rose 0121 554 6413
Meadow Rose 0121 476 9808
Priestley Rose 0121 373 0134
Wulfrun Rose 01902 653284