Working in the Care Sector | Meet Emma, Our Care Home Manager at Dora Rose

Care Home Manager - Dora Rose Exterior

Here at Macc Care, we’re proud of all our staff. Regardless of their roles, they always go above and beyond to provide a high quality of care to all our residents.

Read on to find out about Emma, our care home manager at Dora Rose, and discover her experience, job role, and advice for those wanting to work in the care sector.

Care Home Manager | Emma’s Role at Dora Rose

Emma joined our team on 5th July 2022, making her a very recent addition to our family.

As home manager, Emma handles overseeing the delivery of care and the management of staff. She ensures that everything is running under the fundamental standards and CQC key lines of enquiry. 

Care Home Manager - Emma

When talking about her role at Dora Rose, Emma said: “I enjoy providing direct and hands-on leadership to the team, developing strategies and implementing changes for the best outcomes. I enjoy embedding governance and carrying out audits.

“I am passionate about providing quality person-centred care and making a difference in people’s lives, no matter their needs and abilities, to ensure inclusion at every opportunity.”

Care Home Manager | Previous Experience

Emma started working in the care sector when she was 17 years old, after supporting her grandma and witnessing her receiving care at home.

Since then, she worked across several different services within the care sector, including domiciliary care and working with those with disabilities and mental health needs. After gaining experience in these settings, Emma made the move into a care home where she championed the opening of a new care village facility.

As well as this, Emma has had extensive experience in managerial roles. She’s overseen several care homes as well as a forensic service where she developed her skills, knowledge and competencies.

“Throughout my career, I have had many firsts. When I opened the new care village, that was my proudest moment. I was so excited to watch people move in, knowing I had been part of the process to get them there.”

Care Home Manager | Personal Life

Emma has a young daughter who she enjoys taking to new and exciting places when she isn’t at work.

Emma also spends her free time shopping and going to the cinema to keep up with the latest films with her family.

Care Home Manager | Advice to Others

During her time with us at Macc Care, Emma has shared that her experience so far has been warm and welcoming, receiving a positive reception from both the staff and the residents.

Care Home Manager - Care Home Staff and Residents

When asked if she had any advice for those who may be considering a career in the care sector, Emma said: “Definitely keep an open mind. Ensure you listen and spend time learning about an individual’s life stories as it can help you to understand their needs, and them as a person.”

If you’re interested in a career within the care sector, take a look at our vacancies for more information.

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