The Importance Of Memories

At some point in everyone’s life, we all look back on the memories that we have created and a flood of emotions comes over us. Good or bad, those memories are a part of who we are. They shape us and, in many ways, make us better people. Our memories are one of the only possessions we have that are unique to us as everyone recalls a specific event differently. Even if you and your spouse both share the same memory, our brains decide what part of that event is most important to us and creates the memory around that specific moment in time.

Memories Can Make Your Day Better

Looking back on our memories and sharing them with younger generations can help to create a better future for all of us. Even if it is a memory of a weekend camping trip when you were a child, or the time that you first saw a mountain peak and was so speechless that your eyes welled up with tears of happiness, these memories can make your day, or anyone who listens to your recollection, better and brighter.

How Can We Preserve Our Memories?

With all of this focus on the importance of our memories, we should also mention some ways that we can preserve those memories so we can look back on them as we grow older. While it is also important to hold onto and preserve the tangible memories, it’s the intangible memories that we keep stored somewhere inside our minds that we need to protect most.

How can we protect something that we cannot even hold? By keeping our brains healthy. Through proper diet, nutrition and exercise (both physical and mental), we can ensure that our brains will stay sharp well into our later years. Our brain health is important for much more than storing our memories which makes caring for it that much more crucial. Usually, a healthy diet and exercise is enough, but genetics can play a role in our brain health creating a need for supplementation through vitamins and minerals or prescription medications.

Caring for our bodies and preserving our memories will ensure that they are intact as we age and that we are able to enjoy more of what life has to offer.

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